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The most traditional of Montefalco’s wine, produced from selected Sagrantino grapes left to wither on the vine for over three months.
After this process, the wine yield very limited, approximately 25-30 litres every 100 kg of fresh grapes.
After several rackings and aging for a year in oak barrels, the Sagrantino passito completes its refinement in bottles, where it remains at least six months before it can be drunk.
It is a wine that ages very well and which improves its characteristics over time.

Grapes: Sagrantino 100%
Winemaking: fermentation in steel. Maceration of approximately 10 days
Aging: in 5 hectolitre tonneaux barrels for 12 months
Refinement: in bottles for 6 months
Characteristics: rich ruby red colour, with grenadine shades. Very intense, deep and complex aroma with notes of wild blackberry and black cherry. The flavour is an amazing combination of the sweetness of the residual sugars balanced by the extraordinary tannic richness of the Sagrantino. Great structure, consistency and balance
Serving: Unaccompanied or with fruit and nut cakes like the typically Umbrian "Rocciata" cake; with herb cheeses or aged pecorino cheeses
Serving Temperature: 16°C
Alcohol strenght: 14,5% vol.
Contents: 50 ml.

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