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This company has always been keen to stress that it is not the trench that seasons the pecorino – rather, it is the pecorino that seasons the trench, imbuing the inside of the trench with millions of bacteria in accordance with a technique that the Umbrians and Etruscans developed over centuries.
The company's "trench-seasoned" pecorino is placed in linen or cotton sacks to shape it - or in boxes if it is to retain its original shape - where it succeeds in maturing fully well before the 100 days that used to be considered essential.
By entrenching the cheeses several times a year in the same trench, it is actually the cheese that ferments the trench, and not vice versa.
This processing technique is typical of the Umbrian tradition, and no one else can come close to producing another cheese with the same characteristics.
This – along with the fact that quality has improved markedly over the past 15 years – is why trench-seasoned pecorino is now in great demand.
The recent upturn in the fortunes of pecorino is due, in no small part, to the efforts that the company has made to enhance the flavor and aroma of the cheese and to refine the production technique.
The final result is a truly unique product.

Weight: 500 gr. about (pieces vacuum-packed)