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Typical Umbrian food

Typical Umbrian food

The culinary Umbrian tradition has its own feature based on authenticity and on its ingredients’ simplicity, from genuine fruits to seasonal products, from Umbrian cheese to cold cuts and salami, and much more. Our typical Umbrian products represent one of the traits which make them the most highly valued and most visited regions in Italy. WonderUmbria is ranked among the most experienced experts on Umbrian food, selling online through the website a wide range of selected products of the Region.

Umbrian food and traditional products

Umbria is a food traditional region including mainly local farmers’ dishes, handmade and taking advantage of natural ingredients followed by manual processing. The main typical Umbrian food , the cream of the top of cooking local tradition sold from our website. The list goes from Umbrian capocollo to coglioni di mulo (mule salami), from pecorino ditch cheese to Umbrian porchetta to Umbrian typical confectionery and much more. The Umbrian capocollo is a regional cold cut, meticulously obtained from the pig’s neck muscle area, packaged in yellow straw paper and string tied. This cured meat is lean with some fat veining making this treat unique in taste and placing the capocollo at the top in the list of Umbrian appetizers. Among other typical food there is the Umbrian pecorino, obtained from the use of old Etruscan techniques which consist of bacteria developing as a key delicacy factor since its origins .This manufacturing technique is typically Umbrian and nobody can replicate a cheese with the same features. We share the same approach related to other typical products in our catalogue: Umbrian sausages, Umbrian dressings, Umbrian capocollo, typical Umbrian salami and all the exclusive products offered by Wonderumbria which are untraceable anywhere else in Italy.

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