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White wines

Umbrian white wine

Umbria is a region with a great wine making tradition and it has deep ancient roots, giving birth to sophisticated wine making techniques to produce typical and well-known wines. Red wine, Rosé, white Umbrian wine: the vineyards have a low yield, which implies that Umbrian wines, obtained by an accurate grapes selection from the best vineyards in the area, are top level wines. Wonderumbria is your trustworthy wine expert online, a website which offers a rich and structured range of products available online.

White Umbria wines

The typical Umbrian white wine has a traditional taste and unique bouquet, suitable for official ceremonies, party and celebrate a private event or a simple dinner among friends. Our business offers a wide range of Umbrian typical products available on line, the most exquisite white Umbrian wines, from white grapes of our generous vineyards of this region. The Grechetto is the prince of Umbrian white wines, together with the Trebbiano, to Chardonnay, to Pinot grigio, to the rediscovered Trebbiano spoletino fragante grape vine and other grape vines varietal, mixed and elaborated. The most requested products of our website are the Araminto Grechetto Doc from Uncinano, distingueshed by an intense persistent flavor with a good acidity and structure, and the Colle Ozio Grechetto Umbria IGT Bussoletti, with a fruity flavor, fresh and soft, the famous wines of Lungarotti, Caprai and Decugnano winery as well. There are many other Umbrian white wines you can discover through our website, continually updated with exclusive offers dedicated to our clients.



The dream of a great white wine from the hills of Sagrantino has been rediscovered and finally realised in this Trebbiano Spoletino, a traditional ...


€ 18,00 € 17,00 13,93 euro (prezzo al netto dell'iva)



Classification: Trebbiano Spoletino Superiore – Spoleto DOC Grape: Trebbiano Spoletino 100% Colour: Straw yellow with greenish reflections, lig...


€ 15,00 € 12,90 10,57 euro (prezzo al netto dell'iva)

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