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Umbria's extra virgin olive oil: a culinary masterpiece

Umbria's extra virgin olive oil is a true embodiment of Italian oleic excellence, condensing the finest products into an exceptional range. It has become a benchmark for other oils due to its evident merits stemming from two pillars of excellence: the territory and human expertise. Umbria is a blessed land where nature seems to have destined the world's finest extra virgin olive oil to thrive.

Yet, it's also a region where human action meticulously follows nature's lead to maintain this blessing. Practices like harvesting, milling, crushing, and cold-pressing adhere to a sacred ritual in Umbrian olive mills, resulting in sumptuously delicious, special oils.

Umbrian Olive Oil Triumphs in 2020's adversity

Despite a 30% production decline in the challenging 2020 harvest, Umbria's olive oil sector still shone, earning 11 companies the prestigious "Three Leaves" award, two Special Prizes, one Star, and a "Novelty of the Year" award.

The Pursuit of Perfection: from grove to bottle

The secret lies in the "Burgundy of Olive Oil" map, where mills follow the proximity concept, processing olives near their groves. These state-of-the-art mills optimize yield while adhering to stringent regulations that ensure the finest "green gold" flow.

Umbrian olive oils boast unique organoleptic qualities, with Umbria DOP never exceeding 0.65% acidity and panel tests revealing a rich presence of health-promoting monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. Warmed to 28°C and swirled in the mouth before canonical bread-tasting, these oils exude fruity almond notes, sometimes blending with soft artichoke tones or the pungent aroma of fresh herbs and apples – a reflection of the land's essence imparted on the olive cultivars.

Bringing this liquid manna home, whether a bottle or a tin, promises well-being, exquisite taste, and culinary grandeur. Online portals offer the convenience of immediate selection, with practical illustrations of each oil's and company's characteristics, enabling the perfect pairing with your culinary preferences.Experience Umbria's liquid gold with a click – an indulgence your palate deserves.

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