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Umbrian Specialties

Umbrian Specialties: typical products sale

Are you an Umbrian typical products enthusiast and now in search of a online Umbrian website to buy from? Are you in search of a reliable high quality service? Our business offers what you need. The food and wine tradition holds basically the authenticity of a simple cooking using natural ingredients. For this reason it is key to guarantee the best choice of Umbrian products, both in terms of freshness and quality.

Umbrian Delicacies online

Umbria and its typical products are well-renowned worldwide and don’t be surprised if Umbrian food products are the bestselling in Italy. The most valued Umbrian products are truffles which are not always available and their flavor is distinctive and peculiar as the symbol of Umbrian regional cooking with several truffled based dishes.

Our website offers a wide variety of truffles for each taste and every request: fresh truffles, frozen truffles, whole truffles, truffle sauces and in general, Umbrian truffles delicacies. It is worthwhile mentioning the Umbrian specialties in our catalogue, such as our legumes: from spelt country soup to the lentils soup, from Trasimeno fagiolina bean to spring soup and much more. Inside our catalogue other categories and delicious products can be found such as the typical Umbrian pasta, made kneading the most renowned durum wheat semolina flours and using cold water and fresh pasteurized eggs. The Umbrian liquors are spirits, tonic liquors, chocolate liquors, honey liquors, the famous truffled liquor and other. Among cheese included in our catalogue offer, you will find the Umbrian pecorino excelling in its different versions: from pecorino with nuts to pecorino with pears, from ditch pecorino di fossa to pecorino with figs and other aged Umbrian pecorino.

Visit our website and discover our rich variety of Umbrian specialties.