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Umbrian cold cuts & meats

The Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide: the natural ingredients authenticity are on the basis of the most famous dishes, as well as the high quality products make the Italian food tradition a worldwide benchmark. Umbria is a region, which offers all the time distinctively tasty products, just think of Umbrian cold cuts, Umbrian typical wine, Umbrian beers, Umbrian truffles and much more. Our business specializes in the online sales market, offering a wide range of cold cuts and meats to discover.

The best Umbrian cold cuts and cold meats

Wonderumbria suggests the customers a variety of cold cuts and meats, put in order by category in the website , offering different typical treats for the hardest to please customers: salami, sausages, Umbrian specialties and typical products in general. The Norcia salumi are the best typical Umbrian food: the Umbrian Capocollo, obtained from the back of the pig, ranked among the main Umbrian flavors and renowned thanks to the unique meat flavor. The product is manufactured carefully while keeping the order first adding salt, pepper and successively garlic, packed in yellow straw paper, tied with a twine then aged for 60 days. The coglione del mulo, also known as cojoni di mulo, is a typical Umbrian cold cut obtained from the neck muscle of the pig. The mule’s testicles or coglioni di mulo are the perfect mixture between the salty salami flavor and the delicate prosciutto. Other Umbrian cold cuts and cold meats included in our catalogue: you will find the rolled around pancetta and the delicious Sella di San Venanzo, obtained from the pig’s shoulder: a fine unique flavor, the Umbrian Norcia ham, the typical home made salami, the boar meat and the truffled sausage: two best-selling specialties from Norcia with intense and genuine flavors.

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The classic roast porchetta cooked according to ancient Umbrian tradition, grounded and made spreadable.Excellent cream for appetizers, filling for fi...


€ 12,00 9,84 euro (prezzo al netto dell'iva)



The Torta al Testo is one of the most appreciated typical products of the Umbrian tradition, so called because it is cooked on a cast iron plate.Enjoy...


€ 10,90 8,93 euro (prezzo al netto dell'iva)



Insaccato cotto prodotto con spalla, pancetta e guanciale di suini locali. Un altro ingrediente fondamentale è il lardello della parte dorsale tagl...


€ 19,90 16,31 euro (prezzo al netto dell'iva)



It is made ??from a pork pancetta, that is salted with the addition of garlic, wine and pepper, then rolled and tied by hand and hung in a cool, dr...


€ 20,90 17,13 euro (prezzo al netto dell'iva)



Umbrian typical product, which derives from processing the neck muscle of pig, wrapped in straw paper and by hand tied. It seems lean with veins ...


€ 24,90 20,41 euro (prezzo al netto dell'iva)



La Sella di San Venanzo, fiore all'occhiello tra la salumeria Umbra, nasce a seguito di un quesito: perché non lasciare del magro su quello straord...


€ 36,90 30,25 euro (prezzo al netto dell'iva)



pieces vacuum-packed This product is obtained by salting and seasoning the pork cheeks, characterized by its distinctive triangular shape and m...


€ 12,00 9,84 euro (prezzo al netto dell'iva)



PIGNA DEL MONTE PEGLIA - PALLE DEL NONNO Salami with a particular shape, with a ground very fine-grained and with a very thin dough. Weigh...


€ 16,90 13,85 euro (prezzo al netto dell'iva)



Made from the noble Umbrian pig (which comes from Umbrian farms). Optimal in coupling with fresh fruit, which melon, figs or plums, and accomp...


€ 25,90 21,23 euro (prezzo al netto dell'iva)

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