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The Lungarotti winery is a renowned name in the world of Italian wines. Established in 1962 by Giorgio Lungarotti, it is known for its commitment to producing high-quality wines, and the Torgiano Rosso Riserva Rubesco Vigna Monticchio 2018 is an excellent example of their craftsmanship.

An essential aspect in creating a high-quality wine is the terroir, which refers to the geographical and climatic characteristics of the place where the vines grow. The Riserva Rubesco Vigna Monticchio 2018 hails from the hills of Monticchio in the Torgiano area of Umbria, a place steeped in history and winemaking tradition. The volcanic soil and Mediterranean climate create ideal conditions for cultivating Sangiovese grapes, which form the foundation of this wine.

The winemaking process of the Riserva Rubesco Vigna Monticchio 2018 is meticulous and reflects the attention to detail of the Lungarotti Winery. The grapes are handpicked, carefully selected, and then subjected to a cold maceration. Fermentation takes place in French oak barrels, imparting complexity and structure to the wine.

The organoleptic features:

The color of the Rubesco Vigna Monticchio 2018 is an intense ruby red with garnet reflections, indicative of its deep concentration.

On the nose, it reveals notes of ripe red fruits, spices, and a subtle touch of vanilla, which gradually develops with bottle aging.

In the mouth, this wine unveils an elegant structure with well-integrated tannins and remarkable balance. Flavors of red fruits, aromatic herbs, and light hints of tobacco create a complexity that unfolds gracefully.

Food pairings with Rubesco:

The Rubesco Vigna Monticchio 2018 pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes. Try it with an Italian cheese platter, a traditional lasagna, or a roast of red meat. Its balance and structure complement many Italian dishes splendidly.

In conclusion, the Torgiano Rosso Rubesco Vigna Monticchio Riserva 2018 from the Lungarotti Winery is an exceptional wine that reflects the art and tradition of Italian winemaking. Its unique origin, carefully crafted winemaking process, and extraordinary organoleptic characteristics make it an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality wine. Experience this wonderful expression of Umbria and enjoy an unforgettable oenological journey.

grapes: sangiovese
harvest: 2018
naming: Torgiano Rosso Riserva DOCG
alcohol strenght: 14 % Vol.
contents: 750 ml.
bottled at the source by Lungarotti soc.agr. ARL Torgiano-Italia
contains sulfits