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This organic extra virgin olive oil from Frantoio Batta in Perugia - Umbria, made from moraiolo, dolce agogia, frantoio and leccino olives, stands out with its intense golden yellow color with green reflections, clarity, and rich vegetal hints of artichoke, chicory, and wild thistle, complemented by balsamic notes of rosemary and mint. Elegant and full of personality on the palate, it features tones of lettuce, black pepper, and a distinct almond note on the finish. The bitterness is robust, and the spiciness pronounced, making it perfect for dressing cold and hot dishes of medium structure raw, as well as for short high-temperature cooking.

Food pairings: Ideal with lentil appetizers, baked porcini mushrooms, spinach salads, grilled radicchio, vegetable soups, ragù pasta dishes, gratinated bluefish, grilled poultry or lamb, and medium-aged cheeses.

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