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The fagiolina del Trasimeno bean, stands out for its unique taste profile, with a velvety texture and a hazelnut-like flavor that seamlessly complements a wide range of dishes.

These precious Umbrian legumes are small in size, round in shape, and exhibit shades ranging from brown to beige. Their delicacy makes them perfect for soups, stews, and other legume-based dishes.Proudly hailing from the Umbria region and adorning the shores of Lake Trasimeno, this typical product bears the "Slow Food presidium" denomination and is affectionately nicknamed the "risina del lago" due to its light color and petite size. It is characterized by a mild taste and uniform cooking. To appreciate its quality, a simple rinse and approximately 45 minutes of cooking in a small amount of water, adding more boiling water if necessary, will yield a nearly dry product while preserving its nutritional values.

Versatility in the Kitchen:

The fagiolina del Trasimeno bean shines for its exceptional adaptability in the kitchen, finding a place in a multitude of recipes, from the most traditional to the most innovative and modern ones. Here are some suggestions:
the best way to enjoy it is naturally, with a drizzle of oil, salt, and pepper on toasted bread but it's perfect for enriching soups and broths, providing an intense flavor and authentic pleasure to the palate. It can also take the spotlight as the main dish, whether in a vegetarian context or as an ideal complement to meats or fish.

Sustainability in Cultivation

Respect for the environment is evident in the sustainability of its cultivation. Grown using traditional methods, free of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, the Fagiolina del Trasimeno bean is a testament to agricultural practices that value biodiversity and protect the Umbrian ecosystem.

The fagiolina del Trasimeno bean worldwide:

The high quality of these Umbrian legumes has also garnered international attention, where chefs from around the world praise their taste and versatility. Whether you are an experienced chef or a passionate food enthusiast, these legumes will enhance your culinary creations with a touch of Umbrian excellence.

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