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Umbrian pecorino cheese

The Italian enogastronomical tradition ranks our country amont the top experts. Umbria has always been a leader region in terms of cheese production, having experience in tradition ranking the Umbrian cheeses among the oldest and most delightsome products of the Italian gourmet food scenario, in fact the word cacio, for example, derives from caglio, mainly used by the old Umbrian populations. Discover our wide variety of Umbrian cheese and many more online products!

Umbrian typical cheese

Our cheese from Umbria are a symbol of quality and are placed among the most requested products by other Italian regions. Traditional cheese factories with whom we have built a close business long lasting relationship, work and handle cheese with care and respecting cheese making tradition. Thus including exclusively natural ingredients and taking advantage of the latest manufacturing technologies.

WonderUmbria gives you the chance among a wide range of products shown in our catalogue, available online and easy to order from our website. We suggest a whole rich assorted variety of Umbrian cheese: from pecorino with nuts matured at the cheese factory, following placed and wrapped into nut leaves, likewise the old tradition, in order to capture all the walnut scents , to pecorino con pere, gently soaked into the fruit’s flavor; from trench-seasoned Umbro pecorino cheese to black and white truffle pecorino cheese, which manufacturing follows a specific procedure path and places this product among the most recognizable and unique Umbrian cheeses; from pecorino with fig to the fine pecorino with wine, including in the recipe the Umbrian red wine; from ash pecorino, placed under ash to complete the maturing process , to pecorino with pomace and much more.

Check our website and our wide range of products. Discover the old Umbrian flavors !



Pasteurized sheep's cheese of medium seasoning, slightly spicy taste.Good pairings with honey, mustards and jams of various types.weight: vacuum-packe...


€ 17,90 14,67 euro (prezzo al netto dell'iva)

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